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Staffords believes in creating balanced and sustainable relationships by providing good value and quality service. We really want our clients to succeed in their businesses. Watch our video which features our current clients and hear what they have to say about working with us!

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Our Clients

With a diverse client base we are fortunate to currently work with a varied group of small businesses and self employed individuals including:

  • Entertainment

    On-air radio personalities, journalists, television reporters, key and rigging grips, gaffers and lighting technicians, DOPs, camera assistants and operators, actors, dancers, choreographers, musicians, singers, music producers, circus performers, photographers, visual artists, writers, comedians and event marketers Byron Kopman (Director of Photgraphy)

  • Fashion

    Hair salon owners and stylists/barbers, nail salon owners and technicians, models, fashion designers and sales agents

  • Technology

    VFX professionals, internet advertisers, game programmers, web developers, graphic designers and computer consultants

  • Health

    Yoga studio owners, yoga teachers and personal trainers

  • Real Estate

    Landlords, real estate developers and sales agents, mortgage brokers and property managers

  • Professional

    Surgeons, medical doctors, dentists, university professors, stock analysts, lawyers,
 engineers and advertising executives

  • Food

    Farmers, cafes, bakeries and food vendors

  • Retail

    Skin care stores, lingerie businesses, jewellery stores and mobile phone peripherals vendors