One Kitsilano location for law, accounting and business valuation services.

Staffords focuses on personal injury / small business law and accounting for small business / self-employed from its office in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. Watch our video which features our offices and a different approach to preparing tax returns!

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Authentic individuals providing straight forward answers to small businesses / self-employed.


Staffords - Law
Rare ability to quantify personal injury damages and really understand financial issues of small business law.


Business valuations for small businesses and damage quantification expert reports.
  • Why not choose a team focused on small business?

    Staffords is Kitsilano's front runner in providing both law and accounting primarily to Vancouver's small businesses / self-employed individuals. 

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  • Why not come to an organization where the founder has 6 degrees of expertise?


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  • Why not choose an accountant who is also a lawyer?

    Cam Stafford is known for his personable, down-to-earth attitude and has been practicing law in Vancouver for over 20 years, 18 of which he has simultaneously been practising accounting.

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  • Why not choose a lawyer for your personal injury case who is also a financial expert?

    In addition to law, Cam Stafford practices as a CPA and Chartered Business Valuator and, under retainer by other law firms, has been qualified as a financial expert in British Columbia Supreme Court cases.

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