International tax knowledge

We help clients who are new to Vancouver, temporarily working here or Canadian tax-residents working abroad

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Cross border tax filings

We do not prepare foreign tax returns but have many years experience in handling cross border / international tax issues which need to be reported in Canadian tax filings

Representative Work

  • Non-Canadin-tax-resident

    We assist non-Canadian-tax-residents (such as VFX artists working temporarily in Vancouver) who are subject to Canadian tax on Canadian source income

  • US citizens

    We do not prepare US return but we work with clients' CPAs (or assist in finding a US based CPA) to ensure that the relevant aspects of US tax returns are correctly reported in Canadian tax filings

  • Foreign property

    We assist with Form T1135 to report ownership of foreign property with a cost of more than 100,000

  • "The process of lunching a small business had many challenges. Often, it is the accounting and financial processes that are the most difficult to manage. This was highlighted even more so in my case, as I was an Australian unfamiliar with the Canadian taxation system. Stafford’s Accounting not only eased the burden associated with this but made the process enlightening and, honestly, fun. Their support gave my business the head start it needed to succeed in an industry with massive competition. Finally, when I moved back to Australia after 9 years in Canada, Stafford’s Accounting were there to guide me through the process. They have even been swift to assist me after being away from Canada for 3 years. For these reasons (and many more!) I highly recommend Stafford’s for your small business accounting needs, including cross border cases."

    Lachlan James kinesiologist Personal Trainer and PHD Candidate
  • "I work in the visual effects industry and I tend to travel around the world for work. After arriving in Vancouver for the first time, I was referred to Campbell. He has been by far the most helpful accountant I have ever used. He is very knowledgeable and professional with all things regarding my taxes. He even has background in US law that has been crucial for me as a US citizen. He goes out of his way to make sure that you are well informed and your taxes are done properly. I would recommend Campbell to anyone in my industry as well as any other."

    Tony Como VFX Artit