Cross border tax issues? We can help

If you have foreign tax issues, Staffords offers specialist knowledge in cross border and international tax issues. Whether you are new to Canada, temporarily working here or a Canadian tax resident working abroad, we can help you with your Canadian tax filings.

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Cross border tax filings

We do not prepare foreign tax filings but have many years experience in handling the cross border / international tax issues which need to be reported in your Canadian tax filings.

Representative Work

  • Non-Canadin-tax-resident

    Non-Canadian-tax-residents are subject to Canadian tax on Canadian source income which includes employment in Canada. We regularly assist with non-resident return, especially for VFX artists working temporarily in Vancouver.

  • US citizens

    While we do not offer assistance with US tax filings, we can work with your CPA (or assist you in finding a US based CPA) and ensure that the relevant aspects of your US tax filings re correctly reported in your Canadian tax filings.

  • Foreign property

    If you own foreign property with a cost of more than 100,000 we can assist you with the preparation of Form T1135 to report your ownership of this foreign property.

  • ‘With Cam Stafford and his team, I am very happy to have found a very professional and reliable partner to work on my business and my personal accounting. But almost as important as the actual final tax statements, was the fact that through Staffords I learned how to proper structure my relevant tax information. Not only was I suddenly able to have an overview of my business, Staffords has also helped me to make better business decisions.‘

    Jens Marquardt Event promoter