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We help corporate small business who don’t currently have a bookkeeper

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Bookkeeping and corporate tax

Unlike other Vancouver CPA firms (who work with external contract bookkeepers or clients who do their own bookkeping), we perform corporate bookkeeping in-house so that we control quality and educate our clients during regular working meetings throughout their tax year so they can make informed timely choices about their tax and business matters

Representative Work

  • Form T2 and GST Returns

    Unlike operating as a sole proprietorship [where only income statement information (i.e., sales / expenses) is reported to CRA each year)], a corporation must report its balance sheet as well as its income statement to CRA each year which means that a corporation is required to have double entry bookkeeping and reconcile its bank balance(s) monthly

  • Annual financial statements

    Using reports from accounting software we prepare clients' year-end financial statements

  • Bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping is required reflect corporation’s transactions such as:
    • Invoices as revenue / accounts receivable
    • Applying the deposits against the accounts receivable (to show payment of invoices) and recording withdrawals as being for expenses or Due to shareholder
    • Working from loose original source receipts, compiling business expenses for items which did not go through the corporate bank (such as telephone, travel, meals / entertainment, internet, computer) and record these against your shareholder loan
    • Reconciliation of corporation’s bank account so that the amount shown in QuickBooks software matches what is shown on the monthly bank statements

  • Monthly payroll

    For clients who don’t currently work with an outside payroll agency we can help with monthly payroll

  • If you are looking for a personalized, individualized, community approach to the tax season, Staffords is the place.

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