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Using their iPhone or scanner, client's email us their annual tax info and we prepare their basic tax returns for their signature when they first arrive at our offices to review, sign and pay us

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Basic tax filings

A basic tax filing is one which does not have self-employed business activities / rental activities / employment expenses / share trades (outside of of a RRSP-TSFA) / foreign property or tax credits / disposition-purchase of real estate

Representative Work

  • Tax slips

    Your tax slips such as Form T4 (employment), T3 (distribution from mutual fund or other trust), T5 (interest) or RRSP contribution slip (being for March-Dec of prior / Jan-Feb of current year) need to be provided and reported to CRA

  • CRA Notice of Assessment

    Your CRA Notice of Assessment contains useful carry forward information (such as RRSP Contribution Room, Home Buyers Repayment or tuition carry forward amounts) which impacts your current year tax filings needs to be provided so we can record this info into your tax profile

  • Child care expenses

    Generally the lower income spouse claims child care cost and you need to provide the SIN (individual) or CRA Business Number (self-employed or corporation) of the child care provider

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