Learn to organize tax receipts

We educate clients how to get their expense information organized each year so that they have an easy to follow package which supports their tax filings

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Not incorporated self-employed tax filings

Unlike other accountants who say "bring us your expense totals" or "use Excel to add up your expenses", in the first year (and after being engaged), we meet in-person to teach new clients a system for sorting-compiling-adding their revenue and expense receipts

Representative Work

  • Motor vehicle / home office

    Where you are claiming a motor vehicle you will need to prepare an auto log which supports your km's driven for business / personal purposes. If you are claiming a home office, you will need to provide a breakdown of your square footage used for business / personal purposes

  • GST Registered

    Where your annual gross revenue is under 30,000, you qualify as a small supplier and, unless your voluntarily register, you do not have to collect GST nor do you claim Input Tax Credits. If your revenues exceed 30,000, you are no longer a small supplier and you must register for GST

  • Business expenses

    Where you are not claiming motor vehicle / home office, your tax filings are more straight forward

  • Choosing Staffords was one of the best decisions I made. The process is thorough and efficient, and I continually leave feeling confident with the work being done.

    Louise Hradsky Performer and Choreographer